Why doesn't model load when viewed from the browser? (MIME type setting)

Question: Why doesn't the model load when I view it from the web?

Answer: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types describe the type of content that is served by Web servers. If you are having trouble downloading 3KO files from a Web server, it may be because the Web server only allows certain file types or MIME types to be downloaded.

If your company or organization is using Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 operating system or later, your Web server administrator must configure the Web server to allow the following additional MIME types:

.3ko application/file
.dko application/file
.ngn application/file
.zmd application/file

For deploying 3KO's to the web server, you will only need set up .3KO MIME type; however, if you are planning to use Deployable Knowledge Object (DKO) format, you will need to include .DKO MIME type. To be on the safe side, as different server behaves a bit differently, by setting .NGW, and .ZMD in you MIME type setting on your server will ensure a DKO format works properly.

Example of Setting MIME Type on Microsoft IIS

  1. Open IIS from Start Menu
  2. Select the web server from the left panel and double click on MIME Types
  3. Click Add to add add each MIME type listed above in this article
  4. Verify the MIME type you added shows up correctly in the list
  5. After web server is restarted, go to the web site to load the 3KO or DKO. It should open NGRAIN Viewer and load the models.

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