Why does Vergence (Producer Pro) ask for Offline Activation when I am connected to the Internet?

NGRAIN Vergence (Producer Pro) requires outgoing connection to the license server.

There are a list of things preventing it to do so:

Problem: The activation User account is not administrator
Solution: Run Vergence (Producer Pro) as administrator or temporary grant the user administrator account before activating Vergence (Producer Pro)

Problem: Firewall is blocking the communication
Solution: Temporary unblock outgoing communication to allow reaching our licensing server OR add *.nalpeiron.com to the whitelist on the firewall

Problem: Antivirus software is blocking the connection
Solution: Temporary disable antivirus to allow communication to our licensing server

Problem: IT server is blocking traffic to unknown websites
Solution: Have IT whitelist outgoing communication to *.nalpeiron.com

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