Is it possible to display image and formatted text within a Step of a Task

You can achieve this by using Acknowledgeable Callout in Step Actions to wait for user's confirmation before continuing.

- You can create an acknowledgeable callout by using the Callout tool icon in Vergence (Producer) on the left side tool strip.
- With the callout selected, you can change the Acknowledge field to True under the Properties panel on the bottom right hand corner.
- Once you have the Acknowledgeable Callout created, you can go to each Task Step that you wish to have user clicking OK to proceed.
- Right click on the task step and choose Edit Step Actions...
- You may choose to have the user to acknowledge in the Start, Success, and/or Failure actions
- Choose the desired time for action, and choose "Show callouts" and click on Add Action.

You can re-use the same callout for different steps. However, changing the callout content, or moving the callout location will affect all steps that are using it.

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