I've just downloaded the NGRAIN AR Player. How do I get started?

When you first install the AR Player to your Apple iPad, you will need to deploy NGRAIN content onto your device. NGRAIN content that is compatible with the AR Player uses the .AKO file extension. To download and install the NGRAIN Augmented Reality player, please visit the App Store.

To load an AKO onto your iPad:


In case you don't have any AKO content, please start by downloading some demo content to a PC or Mac. Because AKO content is deployed via iTunes, you must download the content to a PC or Mac first. Once the demo content is downloaded, you can unzip the file to the folder of your choice.

  1. If you have not done so already, install the NGRAIN AR Player onto your iPad.
  2. Connect the iPad to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes.
  3. Navigate to the Apps section of your iPad.
  4. In the File Sharing section, select the AR Player in the Apps list.
  5. Press “Add” and select your downloaded AKO, or simply drag the AKO from explorer into the “AR Player Documents” section.
  6. Press “Add” and select your Filename_Tracking.xml and Filename_Scene.xml, or simply drag the files from explorer into the “AR Player Documents” section Disconnect your device and launch the AR Player application.

If you downloaded our AR demo content, you will notice there is also a 3KO file included in the zip file. This 3KO is not needed for the AR Player, but it can be viewed as a 3D model within NGRAIN Viewer or NGRAIN Producer (available from our Web site).

Once you have deployed some AR content, you will need to print a marker array. PDFs containing marker arrays are included with the demo content NGRAIN provides. You can also find marker arrays in the installer package for the NGRAIN Augmented Reality Builder.


In an actual application, you would arrange your physical object on top of the printed marker array. At this point, you are ready to use the NGRAIN AR Player!

If you don't see any content in the Catalogue, be sure to tap the refresh button on the top right corner of the screen.


This screen will be shown when you first launch the NGRAIN AR Player.  It gives you the ability to select which AKO to load from all of the AKOs you have loaded onto the device.  Tapping a model icon will start loading that model.


Part info popover

Tap on the main viewport to select a part, show the outline highlight and show the part popover.  This popover displays the part name and follows the part position within the viewport. When used in conjunction with a physical object, the highlighted part will be seen as a digital overlay on top of the corresponding physical part.

Pressing the “Order Part” button will bring up an email template for you to email an order request.

Pressing the down arrow button will expand the popover to show the label information associated with the selected part.

Tracking indicator

This indicates whether or not the system is successfully tracking the scene.  If it is not tracking, be sure that at least one of the markers in your tracking system is visible on screen.

Main viewport

This area of the screen shows the live camera feed.  When a part is selected, the outline highlight is overlaid and , if available, the part info popover is displayed.  If the highlighted part is off screen, an arrow will appear in the center of the viewport indicating the direction of the part.  Move the device along this direction until the part is on screen.

For more information about how to use the NGRAIN AR Player, please download the AR Player Demo Quick Start Guide, attached to this article.


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