AR Demo Kit Quick Start Guide

What’s in the box.
EPSON MoverioTM BT-200 Smart Glasses
Mini Pump
Getting started.

The Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses in the AR Demonstration Kit is calibrated; however, every set of eyes is different. Please follow this article to perform the Stereo See-Through Calibration.
Use the track pad to move the diamond cursor to Example and single tap to launch it.
Tap and hold to drag or two finger scroll down to Advanced Tutorials > Edge Based Initialization, tap on it to start.
Tap Start to start tracking.
Move your head until the grey shaded model matches the physical mini pump.
Once tracking started, stay steady for a while for the yellow dots to gather.
Move to different angles to gather some more yellow dots for better tracking.
When the tracking is stable, press the HOME key to return to the home screen. NOTE: DO NOT PRESS RETURN OR QUIT EXAMPLE APP.
Tap on NGRAIN to launch AR Demo
You should see on the top right corner the tracking indicator is green. And the stereo virtual model is shown on top of the physical mini pump.
NOTE: Due to the Stereoscopic nature, the screenshot above is shown as left and right eye views side by side.
NOTE: This an actual right eye view
Using the track pad, move the diamond cursor to a desirable part and tap on it to see part information
NOTE: This is a left eye view. Make sure the cursor shows up on the left eye before tapping to select. If cursor is on your right eye view, keep moving the cursor to the left.
You can also tap on Op Card 1622-D to perform an maintenance procedure.
Tap on the yellow highlighted step to mark it done and proceed to the next step.
Optionally, you can tap on the Recents button to bring up more options

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