3D Conversion

Which parameters for conversion mostly significantly affect the performance of NGWs/3KOs?

VPC dimension: this sets the resolution of the bounding box that contains all the VPCs. This is the single most significant factor in the performance of a NGW/3KO within Constructor – the higher the VPC dimens...

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Do texture files need to be present when converting into NGW/3KO for texture mapping to work?

No, the texture maps are not needed after conversion. The texture map information is only used during conversion, and encoded into the voxels as part of the NGW/3KO information. Texture maps actually do not af...

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What is the geometric information needed for point cloud conversion to NGW/3KO?

Mandatory data – (x,y,z) vertices Optional data – (x,y,z) vertex normals, (r,g,b) vertex colors If vertex normals are not available, the conversion module can extrapolate by applying an automatic algorithm to ...

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What is the geometric information needed for triangle mesh conversion to NGW/3KO?

Mandatory data – triangles containing (x,y,z) vertices and (x,y,z) vertex normals. Optional data - (u,v) texture coordinates.

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What elements of 3D geometric data can be converted into an NGW/3KO?

When converting 3D geometry into a 3KO, the actual geometry, including its 4x4 transformation, color (texture map, if available) and normals, part names, and the parts hierarchy are included in the final output...

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Why is some of the information in my original 3D file missing from converted 3KOs?

When you are using Okino PolyTrans or Transmagic to convert content originally in another 3D format, only key elements of your 3D content will be carried over into the resulting 3KO: Geometry Part locati...

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